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Women in Space! Inspiring Past & Present Contributions To Space Industry

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    Gradeschooler, Teen





Hi everyone! It’s Tom, your “Space Technology & Rocket Launches Teacher”, here with an exciting new series!

In this ongoing class, we will meet weekly to learn about and be inspired by women who have made or are making historic or modern contributions to the space industry, from astronauts to scientists to influencers, and more!

Women have been and continue to make incredible contributions to the space industry and this class is our space to gather together to learn about them! If you have learned all about space without learning about the many women who have contributed then you are missing an important piece of the puzzle!

We will discover all about their lives, their careers, their families, how they become involved in the industry, and what they have contributed or are currently contributing.

Each week we will discuss one woman and how she has made a historical contribution to the space industry or how she is making a modern contribution to the space industry. Every week will be different so you can join the class anytime you like!

This class will be a combination of slides, discussion, and Q&A. By default, we will learn about many interesting terms, facts, and events regarding space technology and the space industry. We will try to go back and forth between historic and modern space contributions and the schedule may be updated from time to time if necessary.

This class is meant to highlight the contributions of women to the space industry as well as inspire and empower young people to stay up to date on the industry and future opportunities they may have to contribute to it. Everyone is welcome to attend this class and join in anytime. There are three age groups available: 8-10, 10-14, and 14+.

The schedule is as follows:

Week of Sept 12-18: Alyssa Carson (Modern)
Week of Sept 19-25: Sally Ride (Historic)
Week of Sept 26-October 2: Gwynne Shotwell (Modern)
Week of Oct 3-9: Katherine Johnson (Historic)
Week of Oct 10-16: Bocha Chica Gal “Mary” (Modern)
Week of Oct 17-23: Wally Funk (Historic and Modern)

More weeks will be posted as we go including:

Jessica Meir (Historic and Modern)
Dorothy Vaughn (Historic)
Amy Shira Teitel (Modern)
Peggy Whitson (Historic)
Claire Percival and Maria Kiseleva (Modern)
Susan Helms (Historic)
Mallory Lefland (Modern)
Jeannette Epps (Historic and Modern)
Camille Calibeo (Modern)
Yi So-yeon (Historic)
Kat Echazarreta (Modern)
Svetlana Savitskaya (Historic)
Kellie Gerardi (Modern)
Valentina Tereshkova (Historic)
Joan Marie (Modern)
Sunita Williams (Historic)
Christina Hammock Koch (Modern)
Hayley Arceneaux (Modern)
…and more!

Note: For some Women in Space classes I have my Kerbal Space Program classes and Current Events in Space Technology and Rocket Launches classes either right before or right after with 10-20 minute breaks in between so that learners can join with like-minded friends and fill their morning or afternoon with SPACE!
Here are some links to my other classes:

Rocket Booster Camp –
Kerbal Space Program –
Current Events in Space Technology & Rocket Launches –

I also offer these classes to 8-10 & 10-14 age groups as well as classes in Ham Radio, Finish Carpentry, Tools, Antarctic Exploration, Book Clubs, Lego Challenges, & more! Please see my Teacher Profile for more classes and follow me to be notified when more classes are posted!

Can’t wait for your learner to join in on the fun!

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