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Welcome to Kidzamania!

Want to get listed & promoted on kids activities marketplace at no charge?

Kidzamania is a free online marketplace for children's activities, attractions, camps and classes. We help connect parents looking for child's activities at the push of a button with top rated providers.

Provider - Kidzamania
Provider - Kidzamania

Becoming a marketplace provider costs you nothing – in fact, you’ll make money! Placing your listings on our platform is free! You can place as many classes & activities as you want.

Create an effective

Parents need a clear picture of what your activity offers. Use descriptive keywords to clearly and accurately convey what you’re offering. Make a clear, compelling first impression by writing a great title.

Write an informative description

The description is your opportunity to provide parents with more information about your activity. Be sure to use complete sentences and organize information in paragraphs with similar topics grouped together.

Tell a story with your photos

Adding photos to your listing gives parents a more accurate idea of what to expect and distinguishes your listing from others. Consumers are inclined to believe what they see, not what they read.

Help on Kidzamania

There is no direct class registration on our platform now. We redirect our audience to your website using the ‘Contact form’ and information you provided during the registration process (your phone, email address, website, social media links…)

No. We don’t charge anything when/if somebody contact you using the contact information you provided. 

Placing your listings on our platform is free! You can place as many classes/activities as you want. 

Your listing is active for 30 days. After 30 days you have to resubmit your listing again. 

We don’t offer advertising on Kidzamania now. But we would be glad to offer a whole range of opportunities to suite your needs in the nearest future, including display and native ads.
If you are interested in any type of advertising options or spots please let us know and we will discuss it.

1. Click on ‘Sign In’ button on the upper-right side of the page

2. Click on ‘Register’

Registration - Kidzamania

3. Put you information and click ‘Register’ button.

You’re all set! Now you can go to your dashboard to add/change your info (under ‘My Profile’ section) and add/edit your classes/activities (under ‘My Listings’ section).

Registration - Kidzamania

You can select your listing’s time zone from the dropdown menu under the ‘Opening Hours’ widget. 

For ex., you can select ‘Los Angeles’ or choose UTM time offset (at the bottom of the dropdown list) for the West Coast location. 

Time zone - Kidzamania

Time zone - Kidzamania

If your question is still unanswered, contact us at