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Touring Niagara Parks Power Station With Nikkola Tesla’s 9 Patents & More!

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Traveling can be challenging these days, but as a local to Niagara Falls, Canada, I am going to share with you photos and videos from my own personal tour of the incredible Niagara Parks Power Station! Though not a live walk-through, you will get a great look at the Power Station and at Niagara Falls itself, and we will discuss some amazing inventions associated with the tour.

“For 100 years, the “Canadian Niagara Power Company generating station” harnessed the powerful energy of the Horseshoe Falls and turned it into a great source of electricity. Now, years after its turbines came to a halt, the wonder of this hydropower pioneer is coming back to life in an entertaining and educational experience that highlights both the remarkable history and unique architectural features of this 115-year-old engineering marvel.”

“Inventor, Nikkola Tesla was behind some of the world’s greatest technological achievements. He patented over 300 inventions around the world in his lifetime, including 112 in the United States and 7 in Canada.”

“Inside the Niagara Parks Power Station, Tesla has 9 patents. These patents include the Electro-Magnetic Motor, Electrical Transmission of Power, the Dynamo Electric Machine, and more!”

Along with our photo and video tour of this amazing place, we will see and learn about all 9 of these patents, and more!

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