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Tool Of The Day With Teacher Tom!

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    Gradeschooler, Teen





Welcome to Tool of the Day With Professional Finish Carpenter – Teacher Tom!

Each week we will be introduced to a new tool. We will learn its name(s), how often we might use it, different projects where it would be needed, and important safety tips to remember when using it. I will often show a video demo of me using the tool of the day. Learners will not be permitted to use tools during this class, but they are welcome to practice what they learn outside of class with adult supervision.

Each class will have a worksheet with a picture of the tool of the day and the name of the tool. Learners are welcome to color this picture and draw or write down anything that helps them remember this particular tool. (Ex: Something they would use it to make). It is suggested that learners who plan to take this class for several weeks have a binder that we will refer to as their “toolbox,” where they can add their worksheet to after each class.

As there is a new tool for each class, learners can come and go anytime!

Week of Sept 5-11: Drill
Week of Sept 12-18: Impact Driver (Screw Gun)
Week of Sept 19-25: Grinder
Week of Sept 26-October 2: Miter Saw (Chop Saw)
Week of Oct 3-9: Jig Saw
Week of Oct 10-16: Scroll Saw
Week of Oct 17-23: Oscillating Saw (Multi-tool)
Week of Oct 24-30: Nail Gun
Week of Oct 31-Nov 6: TBD
…and more to come!

The class will begin with introductions, then we will learn about our tool of the day, and end with some Q&A. We will use slides, pictures, and a video demo to learn about our tool of the day.

Learners who are 8+ who want to learn about Finish Carpentry can also take my one-time finish carpentry class here:

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Carrying on the legacy of his brilliant grandfather, (who taught radio and radar courses at various US Navy training facilities when not overseas during WW2, as well as being a chief engineer for several commercial radio stations, with a 108 ft Ham Radio tower in his back yard) Tom has been a licensed Ham Radio operator for over a decade. Tom is an electronics whiz who has built his own functioning Ham Radio equipment and towers. Tom is excited to share his passion for Ham Radio with you through his knowledge and skills and prepare you to pass the ham radio test and obtain your very own ham radio license. (No age requirement for obtaining a ham radio license)

Tom is also a career finish carpenter with meticulous attention to detail who specializes in high-end finish carpentry. Tom has supervised full home builds from the ground up to completion. Lately, Tom's projects include building several escape rooms as well as restoring historic museums. If you would like to learn the tips and tricks of the trade, tune in to Tom's carpentry classes!

Some of Tom's greatest passions are Science and Space and he would love to share these with your learners through his Space Technology and Rocket Launch classes, his Kerbal Space Program Classes, and more!

Tom has extensive experience teaching, leading, and mentoring youth and is anxious to inspire the young people who attend his classes.

You will find Tom to be an engaging and intelligent teacher, armed with an abundance of dad jokes and witty comments.

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