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Online Arts, Online Science $12.00 - $15.00

Thanksgiving Boat STEM Challenge

  • Ages:
    Toddler, Preschool, Gradeschooler

In this one-time course, students will review and learn basic STEM concepts including some shapes (trapezoid, rectangle, circle), parts of a ship (sails, mast, deck, etc), surface tension (suspends boat in water), high/low density in water (why a boat floats), and wind power as a source of green energy (wind blowing on masts to move the ship). Students are highly encouraged to participate in classroom discussions when called upon by the teacher. After a brief presentation at the start of class, students with be guiding through making an adorable replica sailboat/ship that will help to reinforce their learning. At the end of class we will test our boats in the sink (or large container of water) to watch them float!
Please consult the “Learner Supply List” tab for a complete list of the materials required for this course – it isn’t much.

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Denise C.

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