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Summer Science Camp – Your Brain Can Do Amazing Things – Camp #1

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In this 4 day online summer camp for ages 7 – 10, explore the basic anatomy of how your brain works to create your thoughts, feelings, and sensations!  Students will also learn wellness strategies to activate and “train the brain” for a lifetime of success.

The following agenda will explore common questions and interesting facts about the brain and will be FILLED with fun and interaction, right along with the science and anatomy!

Day 1: Fascinating Facts for Kurious Kids (a variety of fascinating general facts about the brain)

Day 2: Do My Feelings Come From My Heart or My Brain? (emotions, sensations, fears, or love – what causes them)

Day 3: Ouch! Brain Freeze! What Really Happens When You Eat Ice Cream? (the interesting science behind the phenomenon)

Day 4: What I Drink and How I Think… Is There a Link? (hydration, dehydration, effects of sugar on the brain)

Activities throughout the week will include:
* Daily: The R.I.S.E Sequence – an active daily wellness sequence (including hydration, exercise, mindful breathing, and positive affirmations) designed to ignite the brain for focused and creative learning.

* Music: songs about the brain, health, and wellness

* Videos: short, age appropriate videos illustrating or solidifying concepts learned in class

* Demonstration: models to increase understanding of information

* Slide Presentation: colorful slide presentations and information to illustrate concepts

* Games: fun interactive games to reinforce concepts

* Projects: fascinating facts sheet; brain freeze circle map; humorous hydration poster

* Discussion: guided interaction between students and teacher for concept clarification, sharing of ideas and projects, and connection with peers.

* Learning Checks: The popular “Brain Warriors R.I.S.E & Review “ activity during which students actively show what they have learned at the end of each session.

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NOTE: Learners can take Science Summer Camp #1 and/or Summer Camp #2 in ANY ORDER. Sessions build in overall knowledge, but are not sequential.
Also, each of these topics is offered as a One-Time class or in a Weekly Ongoing class on Outschool – in case you are interested but unable to attend this 4 day camp. If you’ve already taken quite a few of the Brain Warrior classes, please check the titles below to be sure your learner isn’t repeating that content.



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