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Summer Camp: Let’s Learn Word Families with Max the Moose

  • Ages:
    Preschool, Gradeschooler

Max the Moose is hungry! Help him get some food by learning word families. In this five day Summer Camp class, students will learn CVC words in a fun and interactive class. We will use Nearpod for each class.
Nearpod allows students to play games, draw or find matching pictures while learning word families.
After each class there will also be a topic discussion. Students will answer questions by either uploading a video or typing in the answers on our class page.
Each class will also feature a learner to learner interaction. We will play a game each week called Time to Climb. Students will see where they place among their fellow students while answering questions correctly to climb a mountain. We will have so much fun learning word families with games and drawing slides.

Day 1: -an, -at, -ag, -am, -ad
Topic Discussion: What can you find in your home that ends with one of those word families, such as a hat?

Day 2: -en, -et, -eg-, -eb, -ed
Topic Discussion: What words can you make that end with one of these word families?

Day 3: -in, -it, -ig, -ip, -id
Topic Discussion: Let’s find an object in your home that ends in one of these word families, such as a lid?

Day 4:-ob, -ot, -og, -ox, -op
Topic Discussion: Let’s make our own CVC word with one of those word families.

Day 5: -un, -ut, -ug, -um, -ub
Topic Discussion: What words do you know that end in one of those word families?

Important Note: Class time could run longer than 30 minutes depending on the number of students in the classroom. I want to make sure that each student has time to complete each activity.

Let’s have fun learning word families with Max the Moose and Teacher Jeanie.

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