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Spanish Immersion for Beginners 13+ Years Old (No Experience or in Semester 1)

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This class is for those who HAVE NO experience with Spanish or are in semester 1 of Spanish at school. If your student knows some words and understands some phrases, this is a good level. If your child knows nothing, this is a good level. All beginners.

This is considered A2 beginner/upper beginner Spanish. This class will focus on speaking about various topics and getting confident speaking, understanding spoken questions, answering questions and expressing ideas in Spanish. THE FOCUS IS FLUENCY, since if you are fluent, everything else comes with it (reading/writing, because they are already literate).

The most important aspect of learning a new language is attending class for interaction in Spanish – real fluency. Do not stress about doing anything outside of class, unless you want to have extra work (which we can provide and suggest, like Netflix shows). But again, what moves the needle with fluency is attending the conversation classes, not sitting in a room ‘studying’ language or reading books (books do not train your ears to HEAR the language nuances).

This class will be student-centered. We will get an idea of popular topics during the first class and focus on relevant, interesting conversations based on students’ interests.

Curriculum will consist of the following:

– short film
– go over grammar ideas and vocabulary in a NON grammar way through conversation and usage and quick/question and answers
– discussion of film
– question/answer back and forth for ear training
– game or helpful activity to solidify new words
– questions and discussion about culture/language

Basic fluency takes 300+ hours of speaking and listening in a conversation (not just watching TV), so our goal is to give fluency by 3 years of consistent conversations about various topics. Consistency is the key. IF you miss a week, who cares! Miss a month? It’s okay! Just get back in it. IF you can only attend once a week, just drop in. The goal is just not to quit.

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