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Raven Progressive Matrices

13902 Bromfield Pl, Germantown, MD 20874, USA
  • Ages:

Raven Progressive Matrices are commonly used as an entrance exam for gifted programs all over the country. This class will teach students how to identify different patterns and effectively use problem-solving skills and abstract reasoning to improve their logical and creative thinking skills.


This class is designed for students currently in kindergarten and first grade. All students should be in one of the appropriate grade levels to ensure that they learn the material best suited to their capabilities.

Class Structure:

Raven Standard Progressive Matrices require lots of practice. In each class, a new topic will be introduced and practice problems will be demonstrated to enhance students understanding. At the end of each class, homework will be assigned and will be reviewed in the next class.

Class Schedule and Overview:

Class 1: Class Overview and Introductions

Class 2: Pattern Cutouts

Class 3: Pattern Cutouts

Class 4: Mirrors & Shading Differences

Class 5: Size Changes

Class 6: Row Addition & Subtraction

Class 7: Reasoning by Analogy

Class 8: Reasoning by Analogy

Class 9: Reasoning by Analogy

Class 10: Spatial Visualization

Class 11: Spatial Visualization

Class 12: Final Review

Class 13: Final Review

Class 14: Final Exam

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