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Preschool French Immersion

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Outschool Class –

Are you eager to give your preschooler a head-start in a foreign language? Do they enjoy preschool activities such as read-alouds, show and tell, and games? Come and join me in this immersive preschool experience! In this class, we will do basic preschool activities in French. I will be speaking in French only during this class except for the very beginning and when students need help.
Here is an example of what classes may look like (Note: Because this is an ongoing class, themes and activities will eventually rotate)

Week of 4/11 Theme: five senses
Look at the different senses and what you can do with them
Make a rain shaker
Tasting activity

Week of 4/18 Theme: fruits and veggies
PP with vocabulary
Sorting game
Acting out the growing cycle

Week of 4/25 Theme: clothes
PP with vocabulary
Fashion show game
Yarn painting

Week of 5/2 Theme: seasons
PP with vocabulary
Season sorting
4 season tree painting

NOTE: this class will NOT run will less than 2 students

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