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Preschool French Immersion: All About Me FLEX

  • Ages:
    Toddler, Preschool

Are you eager to give your preschooler a head-start in a foreign language? Do they enjoy preschool activities such as read-alouds, show and tell, and games? Come and join me in this immersive preschool experience! In this class, we will do basic preschool activities in French. I will be speaking only in French in the videos I record except for instances like giving instructions or feedback. There will be no live meetings, but students will watch videos that I have pre-recorded, as well as submitting work to me and sharing with other students with parental guidance and help.

This class will follow the same pattern every week.

There will be a video introducing the topic and the main vocabulary through conversation between two characters. Students will be asked to record a video of them using some of the phrases on their own (instructions will be provided in English for parents who may not speak French). I will give private, video feedback for each of these assignments.

There will also be a video of my reading a book. Students will be able to comment on their favorite part of the story and see other students’ replies as well. If a group of students is particularly active, I might record an optional video with comprehension questions for students to try to answer.

There will be a craft or enrichment activity every week. I will post a video, and students can follow along and post a picture of the finished product, or a video of themselves participating. I will comment on each student’s picture or video.

Finally, each week, students will have a show and tell related to the theme. They will have a checklist of points to cover, in French if they can, but if they don’t know the words, they can use English where they need to (there should be at least 25% French). I will record a private video response for each student’s show and tell, and students will be able to reply to each other’s.

Week 1: Hello!
Activities will be themed around names, ages, likes, and dislikes

Week 2: Feelings
Activities will be themed around our emotions and how we express them

Week 3: Movement
Activities will be themed around our bodies and how they move

Week 4: Family
Activities will be themed around our families

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