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Orton-Gillingham Spell, Write and Read! (Ages 6-10) NON-LIVE/ASYNCHRONOUS

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Do you want to do classes on your own timetable? Is your learner shy? Are you trying to get into one of my live classes but it’s full?  Then this class is for you!

During this class, learners will have engaging, explicit, multi-sensory instruction based on the Orton-Gillingham approach. They will be introduced to the phonics concepts listed below. I WILL POST A VIDEO LESSON ON MONDAYS AND THURSDAYS. During these videos I will use various props (magic wand for “magic e”, vowel sticks and hand motions for short vowels, etc.). Learners will practice by tracing sounds with their fingers kinesthetically on an object of their choice (see supply list). Next learners will touch spell and write words. Then they will read isolated words and words in a sentence.

The Orton-Gillingham approach was developed for children with dyslexia or dysgraphia. If your child has been diagnosed with either of those this class is for you. A systematic approach to teaching phonics is perfect for any child who needs some extra support in that area.

Dr. Samuel Orton said, “Analyze the language to be learned into its smallest useful elements-the sounds we hear and speak and the graphic symbols we use when we read and write. This reduces to a minimum the necessary memory load, a major problem for those who find language learning difficult. ”


-Learners may submit a written answer to the question I ask at the end of each video lesson. It will be a question related to the story they read that’s presented in the lesson. I can then observe their writing and spelling and provide either written or video feedback.
-At the end of the video/lesson we will play “Guess the Word”. There will be a word related to the spelling skill for that week. Learners may submit a guess as to what the word is by video, by photo or by discussion in the classroom. For example: The category is animals. There are 3 blanks. They guess a short vowel word that is an animal with 3 letters. I will give another clue during the Thursday video lesson. I will then tell them the answer in Monday’s video (ex. cat).
-Learners may also provide video of them reading the passage from the lesson.


I have NON-LIVE/ASYNCHRONOUS classes for 6-8 year olds (Part 1 class & Part 2 class) and for 8-10 year olds (Part 1 class & Part 2 class).  The price is $16/week. These classes are 6 0r 7 weeks long.

I’d love to have your learner in my class!


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Value for Money

Provider Michelle Boe


Reading Interventionist * Mom * Mystery/Spooky Stuff Fan * Pizza Lover * Reading is Fun Believer * Minnesota Dweller

My passion is reading! I teach fun, engaging, reading-based classes. They include Orton-Gillingham spelling classes, reading comprehension classes, book clubs, and individual tutoring!

I believe every child can learn and that building relationships is vital. My goal is for your child to have fun while learning!

-Certified Teacher (K-6 MN teaching license)

-B.A. in Elementary Education and English from the University of St. Thomas (St. Paul, MN)

-Trained in:
*Sonday System
*Fountas & Pinnell (LLI) Leveled Literacy Instruction
*University of Minnesota PRESS Interventions
*Collaborative Literacy SIPPS Intervention

-Reading Interventionist for 14 years in the Eden Prairie, MN school district

-2nd grade teacher for 6 years in the Minneapolis, MN school district

I have lived in Minnesota my whole life and have one son in college. I love movies, pizza, reading and spooky stuff! I can't wait to have your child in my class!

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