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In this 45-minute beginning level, dance class students will learn cardio, technique, & a small section of a dance inspired by the movies! Lastly their personal style will shine when we get to play freeze dance to one of our favorite song!

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Lovely Leaps has taught over 9000 students virtually in the past 9 months! In this class students will learn beginning jazz techniques done to Descendants soundtracks! Class will start with fun cardio to warm up our bodies, then flow into stretching, after that we will go into a fun technique dance, then learn a dance to one of our favorite songs from the movie! At the end of class we will do a fun freeze dance to an amazing song! No previous dance knowledge needed. Our teaching style uses lots of words of affirmation and love! We firmly believe children grow the best when showered with confidence & love. Dances children will learn when taking our classes. (Song vary between classes based on instructor) Rotten To The Core Chillin Like a Villain Russian Roulette Genie Queen of Mean Queen of Mean Full Dance​ What’s My name Just Sing This is Me Someday BAMM Flesh & Bone Do What You Gotta Do Crusin For a Bruzin And soooooo MANY MORE!


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Lovely Leaps is a virtual and in-person dance studio passionate about cultivating the love of dance in the younger generation and serving children ages 10 months to 10 years old! Lovely Leaps makes sure each child feels seen, heard, and loved in their dance journey.

Owner Lisa McCabe heart is to make sure each child feels included was influenced by her own dance journey. Being African-American in the dance world she often felt left out and never wanted any child to feel that way. To help with this she has partnered with a diverse group of dance instructors so every child can say their dance teacher looks like them and they have a role model to look up to.

Lovely Leaps has taught over 9000 children and has been to over 52 different countries! They were featured on Good Morning America, Nightly New With Lester Holt, San Diego Union Tribune and so many more amazing outlets because of the impact they are making in the dance community for parents and children alike. We can't wait to dance and create memories with your family!

Founded in 2018

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