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Music Theory – First and Very Basic Skills – Staff, Treble and Bass Clef, Rhythm Online Music $12.00 - $12.00

  • Ages: Gradeschooler

Each week will be a different topic. This class is for early musical theory geared for a student who is just starting in their musical journey. Treble Clef, Bass Clef, Grand Staff, Stepping and Skipping Notes.

Understanding music makes us better musicians. Each week in this ongoing class we will cover different topics that will help your learner become a better musician. The study of music is a wonderful journey of exploration! Learning about the building blocks that are used by composers to create music is an important part of that journey. Each week we will focus on one aspect of music theory. For each new topic, concepts are first presented and experienced with activities that will encourage the learner to think about and apply. New concepts will be presented in a fun and engaging way for everyone.

“Music Theory – Beginner Skills”

Sep 6 Week 1 – The Keyboard and Staff
Sep 13 Week 2 – Steps, Skips and Spelling on the Keyboard
Sep 20 Week 3 – The Treble Staff
Sep 27 Week 4 – The Bass Staff
Oct 4 Week 5 – The Grand Staff
Oct 11 Week 6 – Rhythm

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