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Locked in a Cell: Learning About Animal and Plant Cells Through Escape Rooms

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Each of us has a body made up of trillions of cells. In this 4-week flex class (no live meetings), students will complete a series of escape rooms to explore the components of animal and plant cells and how they are involved in the processes of making proteins and creating energy for the cell. To help students understand the concepts, cell organelles will be compared to familiar, everyday items. Each week, students will receive a link to that week’s escape room. By interacting with items in the escape room, students will be able to view short videos related to that week’s topic that will help give them the clues needed to escape. Each week, students will play a different game in the classroom with the teacher and other students to earn the final clue necessary to unlock the escape room. For example, one week we will play “What Did The Teacher Get Wrong?!” where I will explain a topic incorrectly and students will have to correct my mistakes. This class is intended for students ages 8 to 12.

Week 1: Trapped in an Animal Cell
A crazy scientist has used their shrink ray to trap you and your classmates inside an animal cell! Learn about the organelles of an animal cell to discover clues in order to escape.

Week 2: Trapped in a Ribosome
The crazy scientist has struck again! This time you’re stuck in an organelle known as a ribosome. To escape, learn how an animal cell uses ribosomes to produce proteins.

Week 3: Trapped in a Plant Cell
Not again! This time the crazy scientist has trapped you in a plant cell. The only way to escape is to learn about the organelles that are unique to a plant cell as well as the organelles that they share with animal cells.

Week 4: Trapped in a Chloroplast
This crazy scientist needs a new hobby! Now you’re trapped in a chloroplast. In order to escape, learn about processes animal and plant cells go through to produce energy.

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