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Holidays of Puerto Rico

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Let’s explore Puerto Rican culture. In this one-time course, students will learn about some of Puerto Rico’s traditional holidays. These are full of beautiful stories and customs. Students will learn about Christmas, Three Kings Day, “Las Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastian”, and Easter. Some of these holidays might sound the same as the ones celebrated in The United States of America because Puerto Rico is greatly influenced by this country, but there is great difference in the way they are celebrated. We will explore the origins of these holidays, common traditions, what people do during this time, and what foods they eat or prepare. We will also compare the way these are celebrated in Puerto Rico to the way they are celebrated in the USA. Students will look at videos and pictures of these celebrations and engage in a discussion expressing their opinions on these beautiful traditions. We will also talk about which of these holidays students celebrate and how they celebrate them. No previous knowledge is needed for this course as it is open for anyone who wishes to learn more about this beautiful culture. Keep in mind that many of these holidays are linked to religion or religious practices. We will objectively discuss them when talking about the history or traditions of these holidays. This class will meet Outschool’s secular listing standards and will not engage in discussions about personal religious viewpoints.


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