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Objective: In this class, students will learn to design their own amazing graphics while using Adobe Illustrator CC. This course was designed for the beginner, with fun projects to get their creativity and skill in place. Throughout this course, students will be able to use Adobe Illustrator CC to design their digital graphics, illustrations, typography and expand their knowledge to do even more!

Prerequisites: No prior knowledge or experience with Illustrator is required. Students will need to have a laptop or computer ready to use and able to download the Adobe Illustrator design tool.

Class Structure: This course was designed for beginners with no prior experience with illustrator or other design applications. Step by step, you will get familiar with the essential tools to create amazing digital art through our lessons. Our practice files and fun projects will get you to take action. A lesson will be given per class to introduce the topic, and projects will be assigned and explained by the teacher. Towards the end of each class, you will complete artwork and understand the design tool. Homework will also be given and reviewed in the following class.
Class Schedule and Overview:

Class 1: Introduction to Adobe Illustrator CC

Class 2: Drawing with Shapes & Line Tools

Class 3: Designs with Shape Builder Tool

Class 4: Drawing with Pen Tool

Class 5: Introduction to Colors

Class 6: How to Make Gradients

Class 7: How to Create Paper Cut-Out Effect

Class 8: Create Graphics with Masks and Compound Shapes

Class 9: Introduction to Typography

Class 10: How to Design a Graphic

Class 11: Advance Your Graphics with Shape & Pen Tools

Class 12: Course Conclusion with Illustrator Project

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