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Whether it’s a text message to a friend or a professional email to a boss, it’s essential to know you’re saying what you mean. Even though there are a lot of oddities in English, they don’t have to be difficult! The common mistakes we will be learning in this class are:
To Two Too
There Their They’re
Weather Whether
Your You’re
Its It’s
Then Than
Affect Effect
Couldn’t care less
A lot

*NOTE* – If you would like to take this class but it is not currently available at a time, or day that works for you, shoot me a message so we can work something out!

By the end of this 55-minute class, students will be able to correctly use and differentiate between commonly misused words in English writing. Students will be shown various images, definitions, and real-life examples to help them understand how to use each word correctly. Students will be encouraged to answer teacher-led questions as well as discuss real-life examples with their fellow classmates. During class, students will take notes to be used at the end of class Kahoot Quiz Game.

Learning Goal – Learners will improve their understanding of commonly misused words and phrases in English writing through examples, teacher-led discussions, and real-life examples.

*This is an Outschool Class. The link is below*


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