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Pinyin is the romanization of the Chinese language from characters to a phonetic system represented by Roman letters. To simply put, it is the TAKING of Chinese sounds and putting letters to them so that people can learn to speak Chinese. It is a tool for beginners to pronounce Chinese characters and to understand what people say in Chinese.

Learning pinyin early in your Chinese studies helps establish a solid foundation with the language and will help you learn new words. However, remember that this system is merely a tool to assist in the Chinese learning process.

In this Course, you will learn:

1. 学习韵母、声母、整体认读音节的认读

2. 学习两拼音节、三拼音节的字母组合拼读

3. 锻炼从词语到短句,从短句到儿歌、绕口令、古诗、文章的阅读

4. 最后可以做到会读即会拼,会拼即会打字

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EduConnects is a Chinese language and culture enlightenment institution. We provide Chinese Immersion philosophy and aim to immerse students in the Mandarin language through Science, Technology, Engineering, authentic Chinese arts and Mathematics (STEAM) courses, and an online learning program for those who are enthusiastic about learning Mandarin Chinese.

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We are dedicated to teaching our future generation a new culture and language with a touch of modern innovation through a project-based, design-thinking methodology.

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