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Chain Reaction Machine

  • Ages:
    Gradeschooler, Teen

We are looking for some hotshot engineers to build a CDC “Candy Delivery Contraption.” This is an important mission. A world without candy would be a very dull place! You can earn a ton of money and get a monumental belly-ache from all the candy you can eat! Join our team!

Date: April 5th to May 24th

Time: Every Monday at 7:00 PM EDT.

Course Length: One hour per week, 8 weeks in total.

The Problem:
There are a ton of big messes that the next generation of builders must fix. Wicked wars, dastardly diseases, the evolution of pollution, economic melt-downs, and not enough candy. It will take great teamwork to fix these messes.

The Mission:
Build a Chain Reaction Contraption that demonstrates teamwork to do something really important.

At the end of the chain reaction, the contraption must display a joke or make music or squirt water or throw candy or do something really important.


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