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Become a Lizard Expert -Ages 4-6- (Featuring LIVE Leopard Geckos And Chameleon)

  • Ages:
    Preschool, Gradeschooler

In this one-time 25 min class, we will talk all about lizards! I will share facts about these reptiles and my knowledge of lizard care. I have a chameleon and 2 leopard geckos that will join us as we visit and learn together. I have created a slide show with a variety of different lizards. And then, we will talk about how to care for both leopard geckos and chameleons. Each learner may bring their own reptile friend, whether real, toy, or picture. We will have an interactive class where I will share information about reptiles and ask learners questions. It is my hope that students will feel happy and accepted in this welcoming class. I cant wait to see you and your fun creature!


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Value for Money

Provider Lauren Thomas

Hello! My name is Lauren. I hold a few different titles! First and foremost, I am a 37-year-old mom to three boys. They're 16, 15, and 10 years old. I am a certified online ESL teacher, and I am enthusiastic about teaching the English language to newcomers. Additionally, I am a graphic designer and artist. I am also a licensed dental assistant. However, my PASSION is teaching about animals. I LOVE animals and have had experience with several species of exotic pets over the years. There are lots of cool animals that I have had the pleasure of caring for, from lizards and ferrets to monkeys!
I am a very patient and kind yet, direct teacher and love working with younger children. I try to make learning fun and impactful. I believe children are a blessing, which is why I will teach even if there is only one student in the class. I am so excited to meet you and teach your child and I look forward to meeting you soon!
What to expect:

When in class one on one, I like to have my students unmuted so that we can interact with each other. If there are more than 2 learners, I prefer that my learners stay muted and when they have a question or would like to add to the class that they raise their hand to speak. I will call on each student and give them a fair amount of time to speak. This ensures that background noise isn't a distraction to myself and other students. Thank you for understanding!

The rule for student participation with more than one student enrolled in the class is that each student who wishes to participate must be enrolled. Enrolled siblings are always welcome to share a screen during class.

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