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  • Ages:
    Gradeschooler, Teen

This On-Going Club does not build upon previous weeks or present a sequential curriculum. Each club meeting is student led, consisting of their own choice of song and performance in American Sign Language.

All songs must be approved by the teacher prior to class performance.

No songs will be permitted that include the glorification of racism, violence, drugs, gangs, sex, exploitation of women or children, profanity or any inappropriate language.
This is a “NO SECOND CHANCE” rule.

Upon the First Offense, any student found in violation of the above rule regarding song content will be immediately removed from the classroom, without refund of enrollment fees, and permanently banned from this class. By enrolling in the class, you hereby agree to these terms. I think we can all agree that this should be a fun and safe place to enjoy shared interests, right? ?

Student’s performances will be limited to 2 minutes. Each performance will be judged on a point system based on the following categories:

1. Accuracy of signs
2. Use of facial expression and body language
3. Ease of transition between signs
4. Sign to lyric alignment and timing
5. Originality

BONUS POINTS: Frosting (Use of props, costumes, scenery, etc.)

Frosting is optional and given the least point value (scale to 5 rather than 10). But it sure is a lot of fun, so get creative!!!

All students will be provided a Judge’s Score Card to use for each performance. At the end of each song, the students in attendance will score the performance on a scale of 1-10 in each category (Bonus Points score 1-5) and send the scores through Zoom chat directly to the teacher. After the final performance, the students with the highest number of points will be crowned that week’s winner and awarded their prize.

Students may NOT submit a Judge’s Score card for their own performances.

For individual performances, each student must be enrolled in the class.
For Duet performances, only one enrollment is required, however, if the duet is announced as the winning performance, only one prize will be awarded..

If a student wishes to attend the class but not perform, they can request a “JUDGE ONLY” enrollment by contacting the teacher BEFORE enrolling in the class. Approved “JUDGE ONLY” participants will receive a %50 refund immediately following the class they are Judging.

Only three “JUDGE ONLY” enrollments will be allowed per week. No student is required to perform and may sit as a Judge, but will not receive a refund unless they receive prior approval to be enrolled as “JUDGE ONLY”.

New “JUDGE ONLY” enrollments are chosen each week.

On occasion, club meetings may run later than the scheduled end of the class. In this case, students are welcomed to stay in the classroom, or exit at the scheduled end of the session.

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