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  • Ages:
    Gradeschooler, Teen

In this on-going class, students will participate in weekly drills designed to increase their speed and accuracy while fingerspelling the ASL alphabet. Content does not build from one week to the next, and the same content is focused on for each meeting.

Although this class is for students of ALL LEVELS, knowledge of the ASL alphabet is required. Whether you just learned the ASL alphabet, or you are a Black Belt Expert…this class is to increase fingerspelling skills only, so your knowledge in other areas will not apply here. No words or phrases will be signed in this class. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE LETTER!!! ?

BONUS: These practice drills have also proven to improve spelling skills!

Fingerspelling may be the most important aspect of ASL. Many words depend on the handshape of the letter the word begins with, not to mention fingerspelling words that have no ASL translation. Much too often, as ASL vocabulary skills are built, the alphabet just gets left behind, causing students to remain slow and unsure which can kill the momentum of an otherwise strong ASL conversation.

But practice is the ONLY way to increase speed and accuracy, while building confidence in signing abilities. So this class is here to give students exactly that…weekly practice drills will ensure that alphabet skills increase, rather than fall to the wayside, and keep students signing and practicing out of class daily.

Weekly classes include:

1: Warm up exercises to improve dexterity
2: Rapid Repetition
3: Lexicalization and
4: Hand to mouth formation

Students will be given numerous words, both to sign AND to translate, increasing their speed with each attempt.

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I spent most of my youth as a "Professional Student" (my Mom's term to describe me). I was constantly enrolled in a class or workshop of some kind. I have always had a thirst for knowledge and a love of learning. Now, with the knowledge I've gained, I have a new love. Teaching others has become the brightest part of my life so far.

I never forget that each and every student in my class is somebody's whole world...and it's always an honor to be their Teacher.

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