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  • Ages: Gradeschooler

This ongoing class does not build upon previous weeks or present a sequential curriculum. Each meeting will consist of 1-2 games of Math Bingo using 3rd grade math equations.

A prize will be awarded each meeting to the first student to get a verified Bingo.

This class is for the purposes of review, reinforcement and practice of grade level math.

Students will be playing a fast-paced game of bingo with equations that are grade-level appropriate. This approach has shown to strengthen the student’s knowledge and recall of basic math skills.

Each week’s Bingo will include 3rd grade equations and continue on a rotating basis as follows:

1. Addition
2. Subtraction
3. Multiplication
4. Division

The occasional short word problem may be thrown in to keep students on they’re toes…😊

If time permits after a winner is declared, the game will continue on the same card allowing students a second opportunity to win a prize.
All game cards will be provided the day before each class.

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I never forget that each and every student in my class is somebody's whole world...and it's always an honor to be their Teacher.

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