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A multimedia company specializing in short film, online comedy sketches, and children's theatre, Skewed Evans Productions is owned and operated by husband and wife team Stephanie Skewes and Joshua Evans. Belonging to that breed of married couples who thoroughly enjoy working together 24/7, they continue to produce, write, direct, and perform in various local and international projects. In addition to looking after their two year old son, they teach online after-school and weekend classes, as well as own and operate the virtual theatre summer camp, Act One Theatre Camp.

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  • Brandy M. May 29, 2021

    Act One Theatre Camp quite possibly changed our daughter's life. She was very nervous speaking up in a group, often being missed in a crowd. But throughout the three week session she found her voice, and she genuinely had fun being a part of the group. She continued into the school year more confident than she has ever been. And she continues to have a passion for acting, singing, and dancing that Act One has nourished in her. We can't wait for the next session!