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Ukulele 2.0 – Beginner/Intermediate Level Ukulele Music Instruction

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Students with general knowledge and experience with playing the ukulele will learn how to play the more advanced chords, mixed or complex strumming techniques, and popular songs on the ukulele instrument.
In this multi-day class, we will begin by reviewing the basic chords, strumming patterns, and musical terms (frets, chords, strumming, tuning, etc). Then we will move on to learning advanced chords (example Bm7, A7, etc) which will build in difficulty and intensity as we progress our learning during the entire course. Students will be taught how to strum in different rhythms to match each song tempo (example: down, down, up, down, up…), increasing in complexity and combination difficulty with each lesson. They will also be playing popular, modern (but clean and PG) songs from the very first lesson- building in skill level as they acquire more knowledge and chord change fluidity. It is my goal to make the learning process fun, and encourage students to sing and participate by allowing each member to take turns strumming/playing their instrument at appropriate times during the lesson. Music is supposed to be enjoyable, and learning is easier when students are having a blast. Be sure to send me a message with any artist/song that the student likes and I will do everything I can to include something from it in the lesson content during our course. Please refer to the weekly course breakdown schedule below, although the teacher reserves the right to change the topics/difficulty as necessary to fit the students’ needs during the course. I look forward to singing and sharing some tunes with you soon!

Week 1: Review of Basic Chords and Simple Songs
Weeks 2-3: Learning Major/Minor Chords and Strumming Techniques with Slow-Medium Tempo Songs
Weeks 4-6: Learning _7 Octave Chords and Mixed Strumming patterns in Pop Music
Weeks 7-10: Learning Sharp/Flat Chords and Creating Strumming Techniques in Music Chosen by the Student(s)

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Provider Denise Cass

Denise C.

I graduated in 2017 from Georgia Southern University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Arts. I have experience teaching from preschool to high school and beyond, tutoring 1-on-1, teaching groups of 30+, and anywhere in between. I formerly taught with VIPKID for nearly 3 years, was a language and arts/music teacher in Europe for about a year, and have traveled around Europe and the UK. During that time, I taught art, music, and movement/choreography classes locally, where preschoolers and elementary-age students came to learn English and study various topics through theatre and play activities. In the past, I've also taught kindergarten through 5th grade students in a US public school. I am currently a remote-working private teacher. In my free time, I enjoy playing and writing music on my ukulele. I have a passion for all forms of art and the creative process that comes with it. Whatever my current situation may be, I feel motivated to empower young students to realize their academic and creative potential through meaningful play and personal mentorship. I am looking forward to creating fun and productive courses through Outschool and I look forward to seeing you in my classroom soon!

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** I am currently offering parents a 10% discount on any of my classes (for return students ONLY). Simply book a second course (any class) with me, and 10% of the total price of that class will be refunded to you after your student has attended it.**

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