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Trivia Game: Addition! Online Classes, Online Life Skills, Online Math, Special Needs $8.00 - $8.00

  • Ages: Toddler, Preschool, Gradeschooler

(ages 3-7) Students will have a blast playing trivia and answering addition problems, numbers 0-20. Example: 2 + 2 = ___


Have fun playing a trivia game! All students will get to test out their addition in a 40-question trivia game. Students get 30 seconds per question to choose the answer that they think is correct. Math problems will not exceed the number 20 and consist of single and double-digit problems.

Here are a some examples of the questions:

13 + 5 =
5 + 14 =
4 + 9 =
8 + 7 =

Again, this trivia game will not consist of any number that’s higher than 20. This means the answer to the problem will not be higher than 20 and the number used in the equation.

Please know, this trivia game is not teaching students how to add. This is a way to test students’ speed at answering addition math problems, helping memorization, and giving a bit of a challenge.

Let’s see who can make the top three on the leaderboard! This is a friendly trivia game for fun and education; there are no rewards.

This game will take place using Kahoot. I will be screen-sharing Kahoot to the class live. Students will need to have another device (or a new tab opened in the browser) to have Kahoot up on their side as well. This is required as it’ll be the only way to be on the leaderboard and click the answers.


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