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Teens Who Influenced the World

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In this ongoing weekly class, we will be introduced to two teens throughout history that influenced the world.

During the first half of class, we will be learning about different teenagers from all over the world, including King Tut, Anne Frank, Simone Biles, William Kamkwamba, and more. I will begin each class with an introspective question. As a history teacher, I love having my students keep historian journals, where I have students write their own introspective answers to a thought-provoking question related to the lesson. Although we won’t be keeping historian journals in this class, we will still be introspective about this question, for example, when we learn about Mary, Queen of Scots, I might ask the students “What is more important: doing what is best for your country, or what is best for you?” . Through Power Point, images, and short video clips, we will learn about each of these teens’ lives, struggles, and accomplishments. We will discuss how they were able to overcome adversity and influence the world (whether for good or for bad). I welcome comments and questions as they come.

During the second half of class, we will discuss our own thoughts and opinions on each teenager. This will be more student led–I will use open ended questions to help get minds turning. As historians, it is important to remember the context of the history we are learning about, but it’s also vitally important to apply it to ourselves and learn from it. We will talk about how the world influenced these teenagers and how they, in turn, influenced the world. We will connect the lives of these teens to our own and consider the ways we can influence the world. We will also consider what they would have done differently or the same in place of the influential teen.

Students don’t have to have any prior knowledge of any of the teens we will be learning about. There will not be any homework required. Students won’t be required to take notes. I will encourage participation in discussion, but if the student feels uncomfortable participating, that is ok. However, to follow Outschool policies, students will be required to have their camera open. If not, they will be moved back into the waiting room.

Each class is a separate lesson. Feel free to join as few or as many as you’d like. If you have any suggestions on teenagers you’d like to learn more about, please feel free to email me.

I am very passionate about global history–history is a story–our story. As a certified history and English teacher, I see the potential in our youth today and it excites me. I want teens to know they can accomplish anything they put their mind to and can influence the world. I have taught history and English for three years, and I’ve always strived to include voices from all groups. I use encycolpedias, biographies, historical journals, and scholarly articles as my resources. For more modern teenagers, I use a multitude of news articles, interviews, and business webpages.

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Provider Tayler Morrell

Tayler Morrell

I have a Bachelors in History Teaching and a Minor in English Teaching and I am certified to teach World and U.S. History as well as reading, grammar, writing, literature, and language arts classes. I have taught United States History and Utah State history in Utah public junior high schools for a year. I have taught Literature and Language Arts for two years in Utah charter junior high schools. I have studied Welsh throughout college and even spent a summer stationed in Cardiff, Wales, taking intensive immersion classes while traveling around Wales, England, and Scotland. I am currently working on my MSE in Curriculum and Instruction through the University of Kansas.

I teach geography, history, writing, reading, literature, language arts, and Welsh.

Outside the classroom, I love to read, run, play volleyball and videogames, and explore our state with my two young children.

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