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Social Studies and Cultural Exploration: Let’s Go to Europe!

  • Ages:
    Gradeschooler, Teen

In this multi-day course, students will be introduced to the basic geography of Europe, learn facts about each country, and dive deeper into the cultural practices and everyday life of the people who live there. Each meeting with start with a short lecture about the topic of the day using fun and interactive screen presentations. The students will then be prompted to interact with each other (and the teacher) in a series of verbal knowledge-reinforcing exercises and discussions. Every class will end with completing a *printable* activity together.
NOTE: This is NOT a history class, but a liberal arts study of modern day Europe. Therefore, controversial topics (particularly those pertaining to historical events) will NOT be discussed or presented in class.

The Weekly Schedule is as follows:
Week 1: Geographical Overview and Topographical Features of Europe
Week 2: Economic, Statistical, and Biological [Flora and Fauna] Facts about Europe
Week 3: Explore the Food and Music of Europe
Week 4: Everyday Life of European Citizens

The printable worksheets/activities for each specified lesson will be posted in the initial “welcome” email, as well as the initial classroom post to ensure that everyone has access to the materials in time for print them out *BEFORE* their respective lessons.

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