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Reading and Phonics Instruction – Part 2

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This month long class taught through will cover essential reading skills for young readers. The skills will progress each week to ensure students master the art of reading. This is part 2 of 5 for this class. (You did not have to attend part 1 to attend parts 2 or 3 but it is encouraged). Each session will focus on sight words, various phonics skills, some grammar skills, spelling practice, and reading practice. The sessions will include slideshows, interactive activities, discussion, videos, and hands-on activities. Students are encouraged to keep a notebook/folder for class. This will be a great resource for the learner after the class ends and it will be an organized place for all of the skills covered in class to be kept together.

Students will have the opportunity to learn essential reading skills and apply the knowledge to read successfully throughout this class. Skills will follow a progression and learners will be exposed to vital skills needed for successful reading. It would be beneficial for students to already be familiar with recognizing the letters of the alphabet, be familiar with the vowels, and know individual sound each makes. However, this class will cover and build upon these basics to learn how to segment words for reading as well as understand grammar components needed to be a good reader, writer, and speller.

The following skills will be covered during part 2 of this class…
-Sight words
-Short and Long Vowel Sounds / Vowel Rules
-Vowel Teams
-ai/ay spelling
-l blends
-r blends
-s blends
-Digraph oo
-Diphthongs – oi/oy
-R controlled vowels

This class is best suited for kindergarten – second grade students. The class will follow a basic first grade progression of skills but that can be appropriate for kindergarten and second grade students as well. Many of the skills that will be covered in this class are covered in all 3 grade levels since students need constant practice and various teaching strategies with the skills in order to truly comprehend them.

This class is great for students who are attending public school but need additional help and practice. It is also great for students who are homeschooling or attending class virtually. Research shows that students need to see skills presented in a variety ways to comprehend it best. So, even if a child has had reading and phonics instruction in a different setting, there is still a lot of benefit for taking this class and being exposed to a variety of teaching strategies and activities.

This class will meet for one month (12 sessions, 45 minutes each) and then another section will be offered the following month for learners who need to continue their reading instruction. There is a part 1, 3 and 4 available for this class. Part 1 of this class is not required to attend part 2 but it is highly encouraged.

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I have been in public education for over 20 years. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education and a Masters Degree in Leadership, both from Mississippi State University. I have a GT certification as well as the ESL endorsement on my teaching license and a TESOL certification also for ESL. I began my career as a 2nd grade teacher then taught 1st grade for about 9 years. After that I became an Assistant Principal. After 6 years in Administration, my husband's job transferred us to Texas. At that point I decided to go back into the classroom because I had missed being with the students in that setting. I taught 1st grade for 4 more years and then asked to move up to 3rd grade where I taught reading, writing, and social studies for 2 years.

Because of some medical issues I decided to stay home rather than go back to the public school but I have continued to tutor students. I am so excited to continue my teaching career with online teaching! I have so many great lessons that I have taught and I am eager to share them with new students. My number one love is teaching reading.

For my lessons, I will focus on teaching various reading skills, phonics instruction, and character education but I will be offering some early math lessons as well.

In my spare time I enjoy making shirts, decals, and other fun things with vinyl! My family enjoys having animals. Since living in Texas, we have had 7 dogs, 3 pigs, a donkey, a buffalo, a hamster, many cows, turkeys, and chickens!

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