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Public Speaking Skills

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Learn the correct way to speak and interact with an audience. In this 5 day course, students will learn and practice important public speaking skills. We will focus on speaking skills (volume, intonation, pitch, etc.) and physical appearance (dressing accordingly, gestures, facial expressions, etc.). Students will receive a short writing piece which they must present on the last day of class, using the skills learned.
Day 1: Introduction to Public Speaking: What is public speaking?, first impressions, identifying your audience and situation, adaptations.
Day 2: Voice I: Intonation, volume, pitch
Day 3: Voice II: speaking speed, pausing, words to avoid, memorizing
Day 4: Physical appearance: How to dress accordingly for different types of presentations, body movements, facial expressions.
Day 5: Final tips and tricks & Presentations: How to control involuntary movements, nervousness, and facial expressions.
This course will include interactions among students so they can share their thoughts on each topic and how they can adapt it for themselves. I will guide these discussions to keep them lesson focused and relevant. Each class, students will be randomly selected to practice the skills we have learned. Students do not need any previous knowledge for this course, but must be willing to participate and engage in class activities.


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