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Preschool French Immersion (2x/week) Online Classes, Online Languages

  • Ages: Toddler, Preschool

Are you eager to give your preschooler a head-start in a foreign language? Do they enjoy preschool activities such as read-alouds, show and tell, and games? Come and join me in this immersive preschool experience! In this class, we will do basic preschool activities in French. I will be speaking only in French during this class except for the very beginning and when students need help (giving instructions). This class meets 2 days a week. The first day, we will focus on the vocabulary, pronunciation, or spellings, and the second day will have more enrichment-style activities.
Here is an example of what classes look like (Note: Because this is an ongoing class, themes and activities will eventually rotate)

Week of 2/15 – Theme: shapes
Day 1
We will start by talking about our favorite shapes and going over the names of them in French. We will then practice putting colors and shapes together (ex. red circle), and students will practice drawing the shapes. Finally, students will help me complete a simple shape puzzle.

Day 2
We will start by bringing, showing, and eating shape-snacks, then students will do a shape-creating activity with craft sticks (also called popsicle sticks). At the end, they will get some free time to build with the craft sticks. I will talk to them about what they and I are making, some things that are the same shape as the one we are currently doing, and give them some free play ideas.

Week of 2/22 – Theme: outer space
Day 1
We will start by talking about our favorite things in space and reading about the stars and the moon. We will look at some common space words, such as star, moon, sun, space, rocket, and astronaut. We will use kinetic sand to make the surface of the moon and use a small ball to make craters in our moon.

Day 2
We will make and play with space playdoh. We will practice making some letters and shapes with the dough (focusing on letters that spell the students’ names) and students will be given some free play time with their space dough.

Week of 3/1 – Theme: weather
Day 1
We will start by talking about our favorite kinds of weather, and I will teach words like weather, sun, rain, stars, sky, snow, etc. We will then make a name cloud, and finally, we will play an acting game with weather elements.

Day 2
We will explore water and what kinds of objects float or sink, then we will have imagination play by having animals/dolls swim, making it “rain,” and having a boat encounter a storm. Students will also have the chance to come up with their own ideas.

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