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Preschool Circle Time

United States
  • Ages:
    Preschool, Gradeschooler

Course Description:

This ongoing class will meet for 30 minutes 3 times per week.  This class is a full-year curriculum. Learners are able to join at any point.  A new theme will be introduced EACH WEEK; infused with reading, writing, math, art and social emotional activities.  Throughout the entire year each weekly theme will provide a multitude of activities infused with movement, songs, fun and lots of learning. This is a learner directed whole group class and will be modified to meet the needs of students enrolled as well as challenge students to move to the next level in the focus skills.


Each class starts with a welcome song, calendar songs and then we jump into handwriting practice.  We will include all holidays in the calendar to promote cultural awareness.  Student birthdays will be recognized with family permission.


?Monday-Wednesday:  Direct instruction targeting ALL  preschool and kindergarten standards in the areas of math, handwriting, phonics, phonemic awareness, guided reading, sight words and social emotional learning.

?Class Structure:

This class is structured to have 100% participation from 100% of students 100% of the time!  Students will be continuously participating by  singing learning songs, responding to academic questions, participating in choral response, interacting with the class as a whole.  Class size will be a maximum of 5 students.   For this reason and because of the number of students; students are encouraged to find a quiet area to minimize background noise.  It is highly recommended for students to be able to UNMUTE/MUTE themselves. I will mute students at times to minimize background noise.  I will also be consistently UNMUTING students to increase active participation and increase opportunities for continuous practice.

✍Classroom Material:

A weekly message is emailed that lists the focus skills for each day along with any material needed (minimal to none- paper, pencil, dice).  Worksheets that can be used during class will be provided.  However whiteboards or paper can be used instead of the worksheets.


August:  All About me, Family, Community Helpers, Famous Artists?

September:  Farm, Fall, Apples ?, Rhyme Time

October:  Pumpkins , Nutrition, Alphabet Tree?

Other additional themes we will explore will include: Nature Detectives, A to Zoo Animals, Pirate Island, Ocean Commotion and Let’s go camping. My goal is to ensure that each student feels welcomed and comfortable in their new class.  By getting to know my students I will increase their engagement and interaction by focusing on their strengths and interests.   We will have lots of fun doing scavenger hunts, having spirit days and playing games that bring out their imagination and creativity.

Join Rex (our classroom pet and best friend) and I as we explore, discover, learn and play together!

I am a certified elementary school teacher and administrator with over 20 years experience in a brick and mortar school and 3 years experience as an online teacher.  I possess strong communication skills.  I am also extremely technologically literate which is evident through the integration of online interactive games that are utilized throughout the daily lessons.  As an effective online educator I have developed an engaging course curriculum that motivates and encourages students to participate fully. Interactive components, timely, relevant tasks and group activities reinforce retention.  As an experienced and certified teacher (and Mom of four young littles) I am flexible and am able to adapt my instruction to keep students engaged and focused on our targeted skills.


Up to one hour daily of supplementary practice is provided to be completed outside of class (optional but highly recommended). In addition to an engaging and highly interactive daily class I also provide a variety of additional practice tasks.  Each week students receive a choice board which provides several hands-on creative tasks aligned to the weekly theme.  Targeted worksheets will also be sent via the classroom tab which offer fun ways to reinforce the focus skills.    Interactive games will be provided for additional practice outside of class time.


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