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Pluto: A Winter Wonderland on the Edge of the Solar System

  • Ages:
    Gradeschooler, Teen

Are you ready for the holiday season? Are you fascinated by snowy winters? Are you looking for a fun way to get into the holiday spirit? Why not come and see Pluto: A Winter Wonderland on the Edge of the Solar System. Here you will discover the awe and wonder of this amazing world. You will learn about the atmosphere, what the surface of Pluto is like as well as some of the incredible features on this amazing world. You will also learn about the history of Pluto’s discovery, how it got its name, and why Pluto was ultimately reclassified as a dwarf planet. You will also learn about a cool experiment in which you get to simulate what its like to be on the surface of Pluto when the Sun is at its highest over the dwarf planet. This class is open to kids of all ages. Come to and learn about why Pluto is truly a Winter Wonderland on the Edge of the Solar System.

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I have been involved in education since January 2016. I am a substitute teacher and a tutor who teaches multiple subjects in K-12 classes, including Math, English, Science, Social Studies, and Physical Education. I also have experience teaching Special Education. In addition, I have also taught adult classes. I have a Master's Degree in Psychology. My philosophy is that students learn best when they are involved in the learning process. My job is to teach students different concepts and practices before giving them a chance to practice the work themselves. Another value of my teaching is that it is okay to make mistakes and to fail. Failure is not the end of learning but rather the beginning. Students may need many chances to grasp a concept. My job is to give them those chances. Doing your best is the real success. I am fascinated by the Solar System and the stars. There is a real beauty to space and the planets, which is something I look forward to sharing with others.

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