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Life Skills Classes $12.00 - $48.00

Outschool Class: Renaissance Renegade and Tamer of Dragons

  • Ages:
    Gradeschooler, Teen

This is a relaxation, mindfulness and emotional intelligence class aimed at students 8-12. In this live meeting class we learn strategies and skills to recognize and deal with strong emotions. We do experiments, read stories and talk about how our mind and body works to recognize and deal with emotions.

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Value for Money

Renaissance Renegade and Queen of Dragons
A positive outlook leads to a positive life, so don’t forget to flip your script!
I am a Renaissance Renegade who is obsessed with the Bard (Shakespeare) and in love with language.
Our family participates in local celebrations and we dress in costumes of the period. My daughter is named Juliet in honor of the Shakespearean classic.
I am also obsessed with dragons and love helping others tame that anger dragon that lives inside of all of us.
All students are welcome and respected in my class without judgement.
I am an enthusiastic, energetic and empathetic educator working with children from birth to adulthood.
I am skilled in using gestures to help children communicate, as I am hearing impaired, myself. While I can hear most of the time using speakers or headphones, I do utilize chat features in my classes. We also use closed-captioning with videos in my class so that everyone gets the best experience!
I am a certified English teacher for grades 7-12 in the state of Pennsylvania. I am also a Special Education teacher with certification from birth to adult in the state of Maryland.
I have worked as an early intervention teacher with children birth to age three. I also have worked as a substitute in various grades from kindergarten to high school as well as alternative schools since 2007. I have been an online support teacher since 2014. I have been teaching online since 2017. I have experience teaching Language Arts and Literature classes, as well as remediation in Language Arts, Reading and Literacy for all grade levels.
My language arts classes focus on vocabulary, fluency, reading skills, comprehension and delving into and making connections to the world outside the classroom. I use classic literature, poetry, modern stories, video, interactive lessons and literature connections in everyday life.
In my classes, all children succeed and learn skills they can use in and out of the classroom. I teach for life!