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ONLINE Outschool Origami Club!

  • Ages:
    Gradeschooler, Teen

Ages: 8-14 years old

Starts: May 26th at 16:00-16:50 (CST)

Meets: ONLINE through Outschool Every Wednesday at 16:00-16:50 (CST)

Materials: rectangle paper (either 8.5″X11″ or just typical printer or notebook paper works just fine), origami paper (recommended but not required)

In this class, students will learn how to take sheets of paper, and turn them into many different things! The paper can turn into animals, moving parts, or something practical that you can use like a cup or wallet!

This course will focus on all aspects of the Japanese art of folding paper: origami. They will learn the different types of paper, different categories of origami, different folds, and the difference between practical and decorative origami. The structure of the class will begin with the introduction of the weekly patterns, then the students will learn (step-by-step) the patterns that are involved with that week. The learning of the patterns will be the majority of each class session. Typically, the students will watch a demonstration, and then be walked through how to complete each pattern. At the end of class, we will all hold up our patterns and share them with the class. The beginning schedule is as follows:

Week of (05/24-05/28): 3D ring (wearable!)

Week of (05/31-06/04): boat, paper airplane

Week of (06/07-06/11): boomerang (that actually comes back!)

Week of (06/14-06/18): balloon/box (that actually inflates!)

*required knowledge* Although it helps to have some understanding of origami, students DO NOT need any prior knowledge of what origami is to take this class. However, they should have developed fine motor skills in order to make creased folds, as well as know basic geometry and fractions like what a fourth, third, and half looks like.

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I am a teacher on a virtual platform called Outschool! I am so excited for the opportunity to become your teacher! My name is Jaclyn and I have been working with students of all ages for the past 6+ years! I am also a student myself! I am enrolled in a graduate program to become a K-6 teacher. I am passionate about teaching my students where they are at, and bringing them to where they want to be. Learning is supposed to be fun, and it is not a race. We all learn at our own paces and have our own strengths. That is why my teaching method starts by teaching to the individual. My classes act as a supportive community to build on skills and explore interests with students who share the similar passions! I look forward to the opportunity of meeting with you and developing a positive atmosphere that is conducive to our learning! I teach a wide variety of classes for all age groups! Because there is such a wide variety, I separated them into categories:

- Core Academic Subjects: Reading/Writing/Spelling
- Arts & Crafts
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