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Number Scavenger Hunt (Spanish)

  • Ages:
    Preschool, Gradeschooler

Let’s learn the numbers in Spanish. In this one-time lesson, students will learn the standard (number) and word form of the numbers 1 through 20 in Spanish. For each number, we will discuss the standard form and word form. Students will practice writing these on their own piece of paper or notebook. Then, students will be in a race against time as they will have 60 seconds to find something with that number around their house. They must bring it back, as fast as possible, and say the number in Spanish. We will use repetition and writing to learn and memorize the numbers. This class is intended for beginner Spanish learners. Students do not need previous knowledge of Spanish to participate in this lesson. Most of the class will be in English to help students understand the instructions, but the numbers will be in Spanish. The class is expected to be 25% in Spanish and 75% in English.


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