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Native Speakers Get Confident SPEAKING Class Ages 4-6

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Class for native speakers/listeners only. These are children who have heard Spanish in the home their entire life. They simply need more practice responding, building vocabulary, improving grammar and complete sentence structure responses. Kids should understand 90% of what we say in Spanish. There will absolutely be no English spoken in this class. This is NOT for kids in dual language classes at school unless Spanish is also heard a LOT outside of the classroom in everyday life. This class is an extra boost for native speaking/listening kids that need that extra push to get confident speaking more.

Dropping in to a class means that the class has already begun and you are dropping in to a course that began in the past, so please do not expect it to be class 1. Will your child be able to do it? Absolutely. Should you give them time to get used to a new language and not expect them to understand 100% the first class? Absolutely. So if you decide to drop in, remember this please, and sign up for more classes to give them time to adjust. Do not give up after 1 class simply because it was challenging. Any new thing will be just that: CHALLENGING!

Activities in this class will be reading stories, discussing, answering questions about the story and also about our personal daily life, to get confident having everyday conversations. Always fun, always engaging and relevant for the kids.

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