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Master Cursive Writing One Stroke at a Time

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In this cursive handwriting course, I will teach the basics of cursive through video lessons. Students will learn to legibly write letters, words, and sentences in cursive and be able to read words written in cursive once the class is completed.  This course is taught through

This flexible course will not meet live for the lessons. The lessons will be taught through a series of 15 pre-recorded videos that average 15-20 minutes each. Students will be given 3 videos each week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). This video teaching method will allow students time to learn a stroke, practice the stoke, and apply the stroke while writing words and sentences, all at their own pace. Letters will be taught in a progressive order with groups of letters that have similar strokes. We will begin by learning the four basic strokes, all lowercase letters and then the uppercase letters. Throughout the lessons I will offer suggested times to stop the video and practice writing words with letters that have been learned. I will also demonstrate the proper way to write the letters and how to connect the letters to form words. I will show the students common mistakes to avoid in order to have a legible cursive handwriting.

Each of the 15 lessons will be on video rather than live. This method will allow the learner to stop, rewind, and repeat directions when necessary. There will be attachments that need to be downloaded and printed to use while practicing each writing lesson. I recommend students use a pencil when practicing each lesson. However, on the video I will use a combination of paper/pencil and dry erase boards for demonstration. Students could do the same as an alternate way of practicing. If using this method, I suggest ultra fine tip dry erase markers be used. Printed papers can be put in a dry erase sleeve. Students will also need a highlighter to trace over the letters that are already printed on the pages. They can do this activity with me as I demonstrate on the video. This technique is a great way to get the “feel” or “flow” for that letter.

In addition to the pre-recorded videos, there will be assignments each week where students will practice and demonstrate their progress. These simple activities will vary each week but will include creations using cursive strokes and letters, playing games with cursive, videos to demonstrate reading cursive writing, and there will be some challenges posted for students to complete.

Week #1
*Students will be given a Bingo card to be used throughout the duration of the class.
Video #1 – Students will meet the teacher, hear the expectations for the class, and then learn the 4 basic strokes needed for cursive writing.
Video #2 – review the 4 basic strokes and learn lowercase a, c, d, & g
Video #3 – lowercase letters h, t, & p and practice writing words
Assignment –
Create an art piece using the 4 basic strokes.
How many words can you create with the letters we’ve learned so far?

Week #2
Video #4 – lowercase letters e, l, f, & q and practice writing words
Video #5 – lowercase letters u, i, & j and practice writing words
Video #6 – lowercase letters k, r, & s and practice writing words
Assignment –
Read the cursive sentences and illustrate them.
Cursive scavenger hunt

Week #3
Video #7 – lowercase letters o, b, v & w and practice writing words
Video #8 – lowercase letters m, n, y, x, & z and practice writing words
Video #9 – review all lowercase letters and learn how to connect letters to make words and sentences
Assignment –
Write sentences or a paragraph about _____.
Video yourself reading the cursive paragraph provided.

Week #4
Video #10 – uppercase letters A, C, O, & U and practice writing some words
Video #11 – uppercase letters V, W, X, Y, & Z and practice words
Video #12 – uppercase letters P, R, B, H, & K and practice writing words
Assignment –
Cursive college
How many cursive fonts can you find? (same word in various fonts)

Week #5
Video #13 – uppercase letters M, N, J, F, & T
Video #14 – uppercase letters I, D, L, G, & S, review strokes from the previous lessons, and practice writing words
Video #15 – In the final video, students will learn uppercase letters E & Q, practice writing words that have capital letters, and conclude with tips for continuing to practice and master the art of cursive handwriting
Assignment –
Read and follow the directions to create something (how to directions).
Write a cursive paragraph to the teacher.

At the conclusion of this course, students should be able to write or read anything in a cursive font.

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