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Maps, Maps, Maps! United States Physical Geography

  • Ages:
    Gradeschooler, Teen

Does your child love looking maps or the atlas?
This class is the perfect way to introduce your child to the physical geography of the United States.

One the first day of class, students will play a game of Kahoot to see what United States physical features and landforms they can already identify. Then, together, we will fill out a physical map of the United States. Students will be expected to study the map in preparation for the next meeting.

During the second day of class, students will learn more about the different physical features and landforms of the United States via Google Earth and Youtube videos. Then, we will play Kahoot one more time to see well they have internalized the physical map.

Since we will be using Kahoot, it is strongly recommended that students have a second device (or desktop with a split screen) available so that they can participate while still being able to see the questions.

Students don’t need any prior knowledge as this is an introductory class. My goal for the class is students leaving being able to identify more physical features and landforms on a United States map than they did coming into the class.

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Provider Tayler Morrell

Tayler Morrell

I have a Bachelors in History Teaching and a Minor in English Teaching and I am certified to teach World and U.S. History as well as reading, grammar, writing, literature, and language arts classes. I have taught United States History and Utah State history in Utah public junior high schools for a year. I have taught Literature and Language Arts for two years in Utah charter junior high schools. I have studied Welsh throughout college and even spent a summer stationed in Cardiff, Wales, taking intensive immersion classes while traveling around Wales, England, and Scotland. I am currently working on my MSE in Curriculum and Instruction through the University of Kansas.

I teach geography, history, writing, reading, literature, language arts, and Welsh.

Outside the classroom, I love to read, run, play volleyball and videogames, and explore our state with my two young children.

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