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Let’s Draw Cute Animals and Creatures (Flex Class)

Kenai Peninsula, Alaska, United States
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Grab your coloring tools! In this flex guided four week drawing class students will learn how to draw cute animals and creatures. This fun activity allows students to see a small section of the animal or creature at a time then move on to the next drawing step. We will start by using pencils to draw the animals. Then after class students can use their coloring tools to complete their drawings. Images are shown in a slide show presentation. I will also be drawing on a white board so students will be able to see the slide show and teacher instruction on how to draw each slide. Students will upload their finished drawings to our class page. This will allow for interaction with the teacher and other students. Students can draw at their own pace in a fun and friendly environment. Each class will have a discussion topic. Students can either answer the questions by uploading a video of themselves telling their answers or they can type in their answers on our class page. After each class we will have fun by playing games, such as “I have” or “Who has”. Students can tell the teacher and other students “I have…. (dog), (cat) or a (favorite toy) and show in pictures or by video. For the “Who has” game I will ask students “Who has” questions. Students can answer by uploading a picture or video on our class page.

Why try a flexible class?
-Great for students who need extra time to draw. Videos can be paused as needed.
-Great option for busy families. Students can draw when it is convenient to their daily schedule.
-Great for students all over the world. There are no time-zone conflicts.

Week 1: Let’s Draw Cute Animals with Food
Topic Discussion: What are your favorite animals and breakfast foods?

Week 2: Let’s Draw Dogs
Topic Discussion: What is your favorite dog breed?

Week 3: Let’s Draw Unicorns
Topic Discussion: What do you know about unicorns?

Week 4: Let’s Draw a Castle and Creatures
Topic Discussion: Would you like to live in a castle? Why or why not?

Let’s have fun drawing together!


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