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Learning Chinese Characters

13902 Bromfield Pl, Germantown, MD 20874, USA
  • Ages:
    Preschool, Gradeschooler

Research indicates that Chinese character learning can promote children’s intellectual development.  This course turns every Chinese character into a picture. A character likes a picture, and a picture is a character. Children use both the left and right brain to memorize words. They remember words by remembering pictures.  It is a fun and effective way to help children grasp the sound, form, and meaning of each Chinese character. Our teaching is closely integrated with reading. For every 10~30 Chinese characters, 1~2 nursery rhymes or stories are taught at the same time. The whole course is for 12 months. Children will be able to master 1500 Chinese characters after the course and read children’s books independently.

日本汉字研究专家石井勋博士经过14年的研究发现: “识字本身就能促进孩子们的智力发展。3—5岁是人一生中认汉字最快,记忆最强的时期,是识汉字最佳期。5岁开始学汉字,智商可达115,4岁学汉字,智商可达125,3岁学汉字智商可达130以上。”

爱纳教育识字课是专为4-6岁儿童进入爱纳课后中文项目以及中文网络课程预备课程。本课程把每个汉字都变成了图,字像图,图像字。儿童用全脑学习,看见字就看见了图,看见图就看见了字,左脑记字,右脑记图,轻松快速掌握每个汉字的音形义。并与阅读紧密结合,每学10~30个汉字,就配1~2首儿歌或故事。整个课程时长12个月, 掌握1500个汉字,轻松达到自主阅读儿童读物能力。

Class Structure:


Section I: 144 characters 32hrs

Section II: 180 characters 40hrs

Section III: 288 Characters 40hrs

Section IV: 306 Characters 40hrs

Section V: 270 Characters 40hrs

Section VI: 306 Characters 40hrs

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EduConnects is a Chinese language and culture enlightenment institution. We provide Chinese Immersion philosophy and aim to immerse students in the Mandarin language through Science, Technology, Engineering, authentic Chinese arts and Mathematics (STEAM) courses, and an online learning program for those who are enthusiastic about learning Mandarin Chinese.

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We are dedicated to teaching our future generation a new culture and language with a touch of modern innovation through a project-based, design-thinking methodology.

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