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IN-PERSON Foundation Art: Drawing & Painting for Teens

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Foundation Art: Drawing & Painting for Teens
Meets Sundays @ 12pm-2pm LIVE in-person at our studio in Dumbo

Suitable for Teens 9-16 yrs

This foundation Art Class will get you set up with the basics and be a fun & educational class. We will begin the course with preliminary drawing exercises and these will involve studies in still life, techniques in shading, perspective & ways of seeing, how to employ light and shadow. The second half of the course we will turn our drawing studies into paintings , learn color mixing, texture & fun brush techniques & applications. During the course we will look at master artists ( both present & past) for inspiration, and borrow from their painting applications, picking up fun tips! After more thorough exercises & practice, we will move into creating a final painting. This class is a basic introductory class, perfect for beginners who are curious about the visual arts but have never taken a class before, or for those who want to learn more. As noted we will cover some drawing & painting exploration within the four week period, so you may benefit by signing up for longer 8 / 9 wk session to practice your craft.

Art supplies are included in fee. However we do not supply large canvas, if you would like to work on a large canvas please bring with you to class.

Sign up for a discounted monthly Class package & save!

Meets once a week ONLINE for 4/5 wks or 8/9 wks ( the more classes you sign up, the cheaper the rate & the bigger you save) 


PLEASE NOTE While we do offer individual class sign up options in this course, it is primarily for those with tricky schedules or those who want to choose their own calendar dates or who have missed the start of the course. We strongly encourage everyone to sign up for a full class course. It is the only way to learn skills in this media. If you are signing up for one individual class, this will only serve as a taster session or introduction, it is not possible to learn these crafts in a two hour session. Please be patient and manage your expectations, you may not finish your project in one lesson.

During the ongoing crisis, anyone attending an in-person class at our studio must agree to adhere to all CDC & NY Safety guidelines

  • It is mandatory for all students to wear a mask that covers their nose & mouth upon entering our studio & at all time during the session.
  • No masks are to be removed while in the studio for any reason.
  • Social distance must be observed at all times (as recommended 6 ft apart)
  • As we limit traffic to our studio, drop off or pick up parent/guardians must remain outside.
  • If a parent/ guardian insists on entering at drop off or pick up, they must wear a mask to cover their nose & mouth & maintain social distance with all staff and students.
  • Only one person can enter per student, no other family members can attend, this includes siblings and friends, unless they are registered for a class.
  • We do not allow parents or guardians to attend classes during this time.
  • If your child is nervous to attend a class on their own, we suggest contacting us with your request or you could try an ONLINE class or Private session instead
  • Please do not bring any non-essential items to our studio, particularly any soft toys, extra clothes, bags, scooters etc
  • We do not allow children to share food or drinks during class.
  • Please speak with your children prior to attending of what is expected of them
  • For anyone who is not comfortable with adhering to our safety guidelines we suggest signing up for ONLINE sessions instead.
  • We appreciate how tough it is to adapt in these challenging times & thank you for your cooperation!

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Our gorgeous light-filled airy studio is located in beautiful scenic Dumbo, our home for the last 12 years where we have been serving the communities of Dumbo, Brooklyn Heights, Downtown Brooklyn, Cobble Hill, Park Slope & downtown Manhattan & beyond. And now with our online experiences we are reaching right across the country to California, Netherlands & more!

We are a small business, headed up by international artist Donna-Maree Wilding (known to everyone as DM) from New Zealand.

We value each and everyone of our clients, many of those who have been attending our classes for years.

We are open 7 days a week offering ONLINE & IN-PERSON classes to
Adults 18 +
Kids 5-8
Teen 9-16
Toddler artists 22 months- 3.5 yrs.

It is our goal to provide you with an inspiring artistic experience that will nurture your creative life & ultimately reward you in many ways & years to come!

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