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Henry VIII & Health: A Royal Tudor Posthumous Diagnosis Investigation. Five Day camp

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Henry VIII & Health: A Royal Tudor Posthumous Diagnosis Investigation. Five Day camp

This class runs over a duration of five days. 1.5 hours per meeting!

King Henry VIII. (reigned 1509-1547). King of England for 36 years.

USD $70


Why do History?!

‘Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it. ‘ The quote is most likely due to writer and philosopher George Santayana, and in its original form it read, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it!


History is important. Learning about King Henry VIII will be a fascinating class live experience! Plus, learning from Henry’s life and his health problems is definitely going to be a positive motivation to dive. As we do we will learn history, psychology, human relationships and health. Plus also learn more about ourselves and make better informed decisions in the process.


This five-day multi-day class combines a unique depth of historical investigation and a multi health collaborative look at health topics that may have impacted King Henry VIII during his lifetime. No previous experience or knowledge is required.


This five multi-day class combines unique teacher expertise in modern Australian Health care (acute and chronic) to assist us as a class team; to investigate the Health facts, fictions, and legends about the amazing “romantic” and much married Tudor King Henry VIII.


King Henry VIII is obviously most well known for his six wifes “Divorced, Beheaded, Died: Divorced, Beheaded, Survived” and in particular the extreme efforts he went to, to have his first marriage annulled.


These five multiday classes has a firm focus on the “Life and Health” of King Henry VIII. This is a retrospective or posthumous diagnosis class based on the available information we have from multiple historical courtly accounts,

Did the Tudor King Henry VIII have Hypochondria, PTSD, Smallpox, Malaria, Brain Injury, Migraines, Syphilis, Diabetes, Obesity, and Necrotic ulcers?

Did his personality really change from happy and easy-going to impatient?

Was he prince charming?

Was he a sporting hero?

Was he multi-talented?

Was he a published songwriter and author?

Was he grumpy?

Was he just a bad person?

Was he a tyrant?

Was he an invalid?

Was he lustful?

Was he just a lovesick romantic fool? (cue inspiration for Romeo)

Did he even love any of his wives or was it all about getting that baby boy?

Who was he?

What changed him?

What drove him to act as he did in his life?


Let’s explore all this! Let’s also explore all of these possible ideas and then some diagnoses. Explore ideas about his personhood together. Learners are strongly encouraged to leave their cameras on and verbally interact with Ms. Jenni and with each other during the class for a more engaging and fun experience! (Ms. Jenni hates talking to herself in a live class).


The five multiday live classes are divided into five meetings of 60 minutes each held over a duration of one week.


This is the class breakdown schedule:

The first five classes will explore Henry VIII’s life in a careful timeline fashion. Each enrolled Learner will receive a one of a kind “Right Royal Henry VIII Timeline created by Ms. Jenni on the day of the first class.


(Below is not exhaustive of all the RICH material in this class, but does give a most thorough insight to the class structure and topics)


1. Introduction to the Tudor family – Henry VII and Elizabeth Of York, their birth families, and their children together.

2. The Tudor location and different dwellings of the two sons.

3. We will be introduced to and get to know well the personhood of King Henry VIII. (June 28th, 1491 to Jan 28th, 1547)

4. We will look at his likely early family upbringing and the influences.

5. We will discuss the expectations placed on him as a child, in his time period as the second son in a new insecure royal Tudor family. (Did you know that he was supposed to be a Roman Catholic priest? His education was

6. His elder brother’s Arthur’s very sudden and unexpected teenage death and the lifelong effect this had on Henry VIII.

7. We will look at Henry as the unexpected King of England at age 17 years old. (After his brothers, mothers, and then his father’s ALL very sudden deaths)

8. His many marriages will be discussed. Hint he has six and my best advice if you were a young woman in that time period is to AVOID going to court and AVOID marrying King Henry VIII at all costs!

9. His legitimate (one illegitimate too) offspring and lasting legacy.

10. His personal interests including hawking, dog training, horse riding, music composition, religion, writing, herbology, sports, tennis, and jousting.

11. His health interests. (He was the first royal sponsor of English health innovations)

12. His passions including fine clothing, entertainment, accommodations, paintings, woodwork, jewelry, food, and many musical instruments.

13. His loves, friends, friend enemies, and true enemies. (It can get all very confusing!)

14. Power and politics. The battles and dynamics of the Tudor time period.

15. His life drives to rule, to be head of his own new church, and for a legitimate male heir.

16. His diet choices (as he ages) will be discussed. (yes that waistline too!)

17. The types of activity that he engaged in and how they changed over time.

18. The (many) injuries he sustained in his life. He was always trying to “show off” how fit and strong he was” until this very act put an end to that! 1536 was an “annus horribilis” year for Henry VIII (A Latin phrase meaning h

19. The common health concerns that many people had in this time period will be discussed. We will look at the health care and health care technology (as it was) available in the Tudor time period.

20. The many “treatments” that were suggested to Henry VIII to cure ailments or alleviate his pain. (Did you know Henry even started experimenting with making his own “medicine” treatments?)

21. The illnesses that existed in the Tudor time period and his reactions and noted reported multi-source recorded experiences. (This will also be interwoven throughout the entire class)

The last class explores the retrospective or posthumous diagnosis of King Henry’s life based on our amazing detailed insights:

We will recap:

20. Tudor Epidemics, Tudor Illness, Tudor Health Care, and the Tudor life expectancy.


Then we will explore:


21. The possible diagnosis he may have had including (not limited to) Hypochondria, Smallpox, Malaria, DVT, Drowning, Brain Injury, Migraines, Insomnia, Depression, Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Crush fracture ETC

22. We will talk about Henry’s own (not so pleasant, painful, and stinky) health demise.

23. We will finish by summarizing the fascinating personhood of King Henry VIII. We will take away with us lessons we have learned from his life choices. Maybe we would have advised different choices if we were his Royal p


This is an expert teacher lead conversation class for mature minded age 14 to 18-year-old Learners. PowerPoint slides will be used by the teacher as conversation prompts and to assist with useful current 2020 Health insights.

Some image prompts will also be used including historical images or paintings, royal portraits, Tudor propaganda art, impressions, drawings, modern fan art drawings, royal historical logos, and re-enactment of events photographs.


Musical brain breaks (after each class – optional viewing) do feature suggested links to view each of the wives in selected “Fan-created” video clips from “The Tudors” with a song from “The SIX” the musical.


Additional further helpful educational videos (in the form of publicly available links from BBC historical reputable sites) may be posted after each class to assist with extra Learner enjoyment if requested.


Learners would be encouraged to ask as many questions as they like about any aspect of Henry VIII’s Health and life throughout the entire five-day multi-day class. The focus of this class is on Henry’s life choices.


This is a ONE OF A KIND five multi-day class presented by a multi-faceted Australian teacher. Nurse! Counselour! History Buff (ette) Teacher! It combines the fascinating life of Henry VIII and Health Care History with modern health care and psychology insights.


Join this retrospective or posthumous diagnosis and investigative live five multiday class and have a great conversation with Ms. Jenni and other Learners, as we investigate together the Health of King Henry VIII of England!

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New classes to be launched in 2021/2022:
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Death Positivity.
Grief and Bereavement
Harry Potter Fans: Harry Potter with a growth mindset novel study!
The Art of Letting Go.
Friendship Boundaries.
Neurobiology of Trauma.
Introduction (to advanced) to Cyberlink 360 (movie making)
Positive Psychology
Communication skills (How to Talk to Anyone)
Health topics including - UTI, Diabetes
Biological Sex Education (Mature 16plus)
Psychology - Memory and Forgetting
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