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Help! How Do I Write My Paper? 1-On-1 Tutoring for the Writing Process

  • Ages:
    Gradeschooler, Teen

This one-on-one tutoring session is designed to help students with the writing process. I can help with the initial stages of the writing process, such as understanding the assignment, doing research, brainstorming topic ideas, and outlining the essay. I can also help with deciding what content to add next, organizing the paper, adding citations, and proofreading. My goal is for the student to leave the session with some work completed and a clear idea of what to work on next. Say goodbye to writer’s block!

If we reach a good stopping point before time is up, I will give a partial refund for the remaining time. This allows the student to get the information they need for the next steps of the writing process without being overwhelmed with everything all at once. Feel free to enroll for another tutoring session when your student is ready for further help. Please let me know when enrolling if there are specific goals you’d like your student to reach during our session.

To make the most of our time, the student should be prepared to share the instructions for their assignment as well as any work they’ve done so far.


Sections are available for ages 8-13:

and ages 14-18:


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