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French Immersion Beginner II

  • Ages:
    Preschool, Gradeschooler

Do you have a student who knows basic French, but doesn’t get many chances to use it? Do they enjoy preschool activities such as read-aloud, show and tell, and guided play-time? Come and join me in this immersive preschool experience! In this class, we will do traditional preschool activities in French. I will be speaking in French only during this class. This is NOT a beginning class. Your student must already have some knowledge of French and exposure to it.

This class is for students who have basic French knowledge. Your student MUST:
-know their colors, numbers, and basic greetings in French
-know how to understand and answer questions about colors and numbers (what color, how many, etc.) – prompting from an adult or myself is okay

Here is the schedule for FALL 2021 (Note: Because this is an ongoing class, themes and activities will eventually rotate)

Week of 9/12/21 Theme: Les Couleurs (Colors)
Color a rainbow
Play i-spy
Color scavenger hunt

Week of 9/19/21 Theme: Les Chiffres (Numbers)
Do simple addition and subtraction problems
Sing a number song
Read a number book

Week of 9/26/21 Theme: L’Alphabet (Alphabet)
Sing the alphabet song
Identify the letters of our names and what sound the letters make
Read a book and identify the first letter of common words

Week of 10/3/21 Theme: L’Automne (Autumn)
Learn autumn vocabulary
Paint an autumn scene

Week of 10/10/21 Theme: Les Formes (Shapes)
Draw different shapes to create a picture
Shape scavenger hunt
Read a book about shapes

Week of 10/17/21 Theme: Le Temps (Weather)
Describe the weather in pictures
Create a name cloud
Read a book about weather

Week of 10/24/21 Theme: L’Halloween (Halloween)
Learn Halloween vocabulary
Read a book about Halloween
Dress-up show and tell

Week of 10/31/21 Theme: Le Mouvement (Movement)
Read a book about movement/the body
Sing Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes
Play Simon says

Week of 11/7/21 Theme: Les Véhicules (Vehicles)
Read a book about vehicles
Sing a vehicle song
Vehicle show and tell

Week of 11/14/21 Theme: L’Espace (Outer Space)
Learn space vocabulary
Paint a night-time picture

Week of 11/21/21 Theme: La Famille (Family)
Read a book about family
Draw a picture of your family
Stuffed animal show and tell

Week of 11/28/21 Theme: Les Insectes (Bugs)
Learn bug vocabulary
Make playdough bugs

Week of 12/5/21 Theme: L’Hiver (Winter)
Learn winter vocabulary
Paint a winter scene

Week of 12/12/21 Theme: Le Noël (Christmas)
Learn Christmas vocabulary
Make a Christmas ornament
Read a book about Christmas

NOTE: this class will NOT run will less than 2 students

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