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Flowers, Leaves and Sweet Honey Bees: Create Ephemeral Nature Art | Play Based Kindergarten & Preschool

  • Ages:
    Preschool, Gradeschooler

Do you collect little rocks, bits of bark, or other special things in your pockets? Let’s put them to use, and let our imaginations run wild!

In this class, with a native English-speaking teacher, we will explore the amazing colours, shapes, patterns, and textures of nature to create our own beautiful artworks. Are you going to create butterfly wings from leaves, a magical wizard from sticks, or perhaps a spinning spiral with blossoms and stones? Our artwork will be ephemeral – meaning that it only lasts for a short while…then we can create again!

Our session begins with a story about a little leaf. Blown by the wind, from here to there, the leaf’s journey leads him on adventures to meet many creatures…all made from leaves! Although nothing in nature stays the same, we discover that it is always changing, always creating something new. We’ll then look at other some examples of nature art for more inspiration.

After our story, we’ll relax into our activity: with some calming background music, we’ll arrange, sort, place and move our objects to create our own beautiful nature art. Look closely at the colour of flowers, the shapes of leaves, the texture of your stones. What do you notice? How do they go together? What will your picture say? And…after we finish our class, what else will you make?

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Provider Alice Campbell


I am an independent Early Childhood Teacher (0-8 years), helping families from all over the world, who have had trouble finding meaningful alternatives to high-pressure and standardised teaching approaches.

An increasing number of parents recognise the unique importance of an unhurried and playful early childhood, in shaping a child's long-term wellbeing and academic outcomes. They want educational experience that foster the most important foundation skills needed for long-term learning and wellbeing: such as creativity (instead of conformity), critical thinking and problem-solving (instead of compliance) and confidence (rather than constraint). But finding these experiences can be challenging, particularly for families who do not have like-minded teachers, schools, family or friends nearby.

As a teacher, I work with parents who understand that play, deep inquiry and joy are not the opposite to learning: they are the requirements for it. I offer inclusive learning experiences that embrace children's diverse thinking and communication styles, authentic play, neurodevelopmental needs, their natural curiosity and desire for inquiry, and which foster each child’s sense of autonomy, connection and self-worth.

I aim to provide your child with learning experiences that are humanising, by placing their dignity - their preferences, motivations, and aspirations – at the centre of their learning experiences. I want learning to connect with your child's heart and, through that experience, inspire (or re-inspire!) your child's sense of purpose, connection and wonder in our world. My classes may be taken individually, or over the course of 1 - 2 years to create a full, play-based early childhood curriculum. Please visit my webpage for information about the learning experiences I offer.

I have over 30+ years experience in delivering, designing and managing early childhood education, health and child development programs. My qualifications include:
★ ?????? ?? ???????? (????? ?????????) (Deakin University - Australia)
★ ?????? ?? ???? ??????? (Deakin University/ CDU - Australia)
★ ???????? ?? ??????? (UWS - Australia)
★ (????????) ???????? ?? ????????????? ??????? (current, Deakin University - Australia)
★ ????. ???. ???????? ?????? & ???????? (UNE - Australia)
★ ????. ????. ?????? ????????? & ????????? (UNE - Australia)
★ ????? (????????) ??????????????/ ????????: Hanen Speech, Circle of Security, Neurosequential Development / Therapeutics, DIR-Floortime/ FEAS assessment, Sand Therapy, Art Therapy, Orton Gillingham, MacqLit, Boardmaker.
★ ???????? ??????: Deakin University (Excellence in Teaching Practice); NSW Dept Education (Innovative Children's Programs and Empowerment); ACT Dept. Health (Infant/ Early Childhood Mental Health), NAPCAN National Awards (Infant/ Early Childhood Mental Health & Development).

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