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ESL Immersion Online Classes, Online Languages Up to $10.00

  • Ages: Gradeschooler

Does your student speak English, but wants an immersive experience to improve? Do they enjoy activities such as reading, conversation, and games? Come and join me in this immersive ESL experience! In this class, we will do fun activities and have conversations in English. I will be speaking in English only during this class. Students should be able to speak English at a basic level (A2).
Here is a 4-week example of what classes may look like. We will be meeting once a week and spend two weeks on each theme. (Note: Because this is an ongoing class, themes and activities will eventually rotate)

Week of 4/19 – Theme: Alphabet Part 1
We will talk about the alphabet and the alphabet song. Students will practice verbally spelling words through a spelling bee, and we will read about the United States and talk about it. Finally, we will learn some English tongue twisters. We will focus heavily on pronunciation.

Week of 4/26 – Theme: Alphabet Part 2
We will talk about our names and the letters used to spell them, and students will write a “name poem.” We will read about England, and talk about it. We will end by learning some more tongue twisters and talking about some common mispronunciation.

Week of 5/3 – Theme: Exploration Part 1
We will talk about outer space, and students will read about the moon and the stars. Students will play Kahoot to answer questions about the articles, and then we will create a story that takes place in outer space.

Week of 5/10 – Theme: Exploration Part 2
We will talk about the ocean and its animals: what they are, what they eat, and their special characteristics. Then students will play “20 Questions” with ocean animals.

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