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Design FUNdamentals: The Line

  • Ages:
    Gradeschooler, Teen

This Flexible Schedule Design FUNdamentals course will focus on the 3 main types of line used in graphic art and design. Learners will be shown various examples of how each type of line is used, and then create fun drawing projects based on one or more of those uses. This is a student-centered, project-based course, and as such focuses more on learner output, than instructor input. In other words, Design FUNdamentals focuses on learner art!


Flexible Schedule courses have no live meetings. Instruction will be delivered through the Outschool classroom where learners can access the material on their own time. This course includes short pre-recorded video lessons, discussions, a variety of interactive enrichment activities (including games like scavenger hunts), personal feedback, and weekly projects. The weekly projects will be presented on Mondays, and due on Fridays.*


Topics by week

Week 1: The Organic Line

Week 2: The Inorganic Line

Week 3: The Implied Line

Week 4: Combined Lines


This Flex course is specifically designed to benefit learners at any skill level, from beginning artists to advanced graphic designers.


Learners are encouraged to participate publicly in the classroom, but are welcome to message the teacher privately.


*Following the posted due dates will provide the best learning experience for this course. However, since this is a FLEX course, due dates are somewhat FLEXible.

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Provider Teacher Rae

Teacher Rae


Thank you for visiting my profile!



My expertise falls under 3 main subject areas:

- English Language Arts (for both native and second language learners [ESL/TESOL]).
- Art: 3 dimensional sculpture (using paper & other recycled materials).
- Design: 3 dimensional design (paper toys, gift boxes, etc.).



I have been teaching children in-person for many years, and teaching online since 2017. I have worked with children from diverse backgrounds, and from all around the world. I also have experience working with children of special needs, as well as children residing in foster care. The students I taught have ranged in age from as young as 3 years old all the way into adulthood, with the average ages being 5-15. I have taught every subject imaginable, but enjoy English and Art the most.



I hold 2 Master degrees in education, one in teaching English as a second language (TESOL) (2020), and the other in eLearning (2017). I have a Bachelor degree in Art with an emphasis in Graphic Design and a minor in Art History (2015). I also hold an Associate degree in Special Education (2011).



As you can see, I love learning! My teaching philosophy is to inspire that same love of learning in my students.

I strive to empower my students by recognizing their individual strengths. All children come to a learning situation with their own set of unique talents, experiences, and knowledge.

I feed each student’s passion for the topic by ensuring that the learning experience is engaging and personalized.

I facilitate intentional learning through questioning and problem solving (critical thinking) to help students build upon what they already know.

I support connected learning through student-to-student and student-to-teacher interaction to help students feel personally involved in their learning.


Personal Tidbits

I love the desert and hot, sunny days. I have 2 mischievous little Wirehair Dachshunds (wiener dogs with beards) that keep me entertained. My favorite treat is ice cream (any flavor that includes chocolate), and my favorite beverage is Diet Sunkist (I like my caffeine cold). I enjoy reading, but rarely read the same book twice. I seem to have an endless capacity for coming up with new class ideas, and even have a little “idea box” where I keep those that I remember to write down.