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  • Ages: Teen

Every child has their preferred breakfast cereal. I go for a nice bowl of Wheaties or, if I’m treating myself, some Peanut Butter Captain Crunch!

This one-time class will bring students through a pared-down timeline of cereal from the mid to late 19th century to the present, exploring cereal milestones of each age.

*NOTE* – If you would like to take this class but it is not currently available at a time, or day that works for you, shoot me a message so we can work something out!

This class is a perfect mixture of education and fun where learners can gain more knowledge about something they enjoy daily. Throughout the lesson, students will be expected to engage in cereal conversation while being exposed to cereals of the past.

During class, students are encouraged, but not required, to have their favorite cereal on hand to munch on. The teacher certainly will!


Learning Goal -In this 45 minute class, learners will journey through a pared-down timeline of the history of breakfast cereal while engaging in conversation with their peers.

*This is an Outschool Class. Here is the link to the class*


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